The Crusader does whatever it takes to define and achieve the team’s crusade. They are very high energy and motivational by nature, often aspiring with the highest principles. The Crusader is a persuasive communicator, knows lots of people, is excellent at securing resources for their vision and fills team members with the hope, energy and enthusiasm to get the job done. 
The Crusader’s role is to focus on clarity of role and keeping team members accountable.

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Crusaders enjoy the big picture. They are brilliant at painting very clear pictures of how things could be in the ideal world. Being vision-centred they cope with change easily as long as it aligns with their vision. Their energy and enthusiasm are heightened when focused on a project they are committed to and believe in.

For the Crusaders, no vision means no energy. They are keen to cooperate if their vision and ideas are valued; if not, their willingness to contribute diminishes quickly. These wunderkind human beings can achieve the impossible, bringing to life dreams that others would consider unachievable. If a Crusader decides a project should go ahead, it will usually happen. The Crusader is excellent at getting projects off the ground and insisting on quality.

They are highly motivated to achieve their vision in what they believe is right. Efficiency fades when Crusaders are required to change tack halfway through a project. They will not willingly adhere to processes or procedures implemented by others. Their opinions are based on values rather than analysis or logic. They would rather beat their own path. When assigned a project, they will be very determined to see their vision take shape. Often they will seek to hand over a project if it is too small They will either work on a project to meet a deadline or, if it does not fit the vision, will tend to be attracted to a newer project or idea that does. They suffer boredom when there is nothing to strive for. 

Colleagues may bore them easily if they do not share their vision. They like people who value their ideas and also tolerate their highs and lows. They don’t respect people who allow logic to stifle creativity. Crusaders are most comfortable with like-minded people. A Crusader’s confidence rises and falls. When they have a vision and an outlet for its expression they ooze confidence. 

A Crusader must be able to express their vision and creativity. They are natural energisers, motivated and enthusiastic, but can become depressed and frustrated when their vision is repressed. They are excellent at delegating, and will make clear the implications of achieving or not achieving the objective. 

They tend not to naturally empathise with others. They are more interested in winning the battle than being loyal to those who don’t share their vision. They cope with aggression either by arguing the point or by escaping to the creative vision part of their mind. They often respond with aggression. 

Their ability to analyse is often clouded by their ability to judge. They will make quick decisions generally based on preconceptions and attitudes, and when asked to make a decision regarding a new topic, they will spend a lot of time looking for facts to substantiate their decision. 

Crusaders cope with stress by daydreaming or focusing on how things could be, rather than how they are. They will place themselves under a lot of stress to achieve their vision. Crusaders enjoy competition and generally win. Their assets are their convincing speech, excellent arguments and factual recall to back them up. They are fluent communicators and accomplished negotiators with excellent memories. They like power and are sometimes ruthless with it. 

A Crusader’s humour is often weird or bizarre, and anything taboo or offensive amuses them. They will always want things done properly. They will unconsciously exaggerate at times to win a point. 

Crusaders are zany and in their passion to express possibilities, they will paint pictures, sometimes ignoring reality and the current truth. Crusaders are at their most formidable when turning an organization or situation around, swaying large numbers of people and working as up-front, blast-through change agents or conquerors of new territory. 

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Code of Conduct

  • Always keeps sensitive information that has been shared in confidence to themselves
  • Acts ethically in his/her dealings with others
  • Spends time to make sure there is agreement about roles - both theirs and others
  • Corrects others - clearly, constructively and professionally
  • Speaks directly to the person they have an issue with without unnecessarily involving other unrelated people
  • Provides other team members with a sense of purpose
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Click the image to download the profile

Click the image to download the profile

As team members, Crusaders make the best contribution when: 

  • They are given a vision that is big enough to be worthy of their energy, commitment and enthusiasm
  • They have a role that requires re-energising or motivating teams of people
  • They have new and interesting challenges that require decisive decision-making and quick action

CRUSADERS best manage themselves by: 

  • Not letting themselves get locked into one vision and becoming inflexible
  • Not misinterpreting team members’ rejection of the vision as being a rejection of them and their leadership
  • Not pushing people so hard they burn out
  • Not pushing everyone to work at the Crusader’s fast pace and instead giving them time to think things through 

If not present in the team

  • No compelling vision, based on a common sense value proposition resulting in poor team commitment


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