The Energizer is interested in action and completing tasks. They focus on clarifying exactly what needs to be done, by whom, with what resources and in what time frame. They have an innate sense of urgency and don’t walk away from conflict if that is required to agree on tasks and responsibilities. The Energizer pushes the team to make decisions, to allocate resources and agree to timeframes. They energise the team and roll their sleeves up and get on with the task at hand. They are practical and push to complete the task.

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The Energizer’s mind is fast, efficient, clear, certain and razor sharp. It can remember details and likes to keep discussion concrete, ideas practical and tasks specific. It is driven by a constant desire to complete large amounts of work. While quality is important, Energizers enjoy following efficient systems that enable them to do two days’ work in one day. Constantly changing, refining and improving systems is an annoyance to Energizers who would prefer to ‘get on with it’ rather than spend two days refining a system that could save one day’s work. 

Regardless of their training or level of professional development, the Energizer likes working quickly and efficiently in an area of personal interest where they are recognised and rewarded financially. Their passion is being able to successfully complete projects where all the key stakeholders are happy and there is written acknowledgement of the contribution made by the Energizer or their team. 

Very emotionally passionate, Energizers see strong relationships as being central to achievement and will protect those they are responsible for, defend those they respect and confront those they believe are wrong. They believe in the importance of institutions like the church, schools, and the legal system. They do not, however, have an abiding trust in their leaders and so constantly ask the hard questions to ‘keep the bastards honest’. They often join social clubs or groups and conduct community work because they enjoy meeting new people and doing the right thing. 

An Energizer has great clarity with regard to their opinions on most issues and likes to put their case forward even if the topic doesn’t come up. They are energetic, enthusiastic, focused and quick working and have an excellent eye for ensuring all the details are right and the ends are tied up.  

Energizers have a natural interest in commerce and the process of making money. They are natural small business owners and tend to find themselves in charge of logistics organisation, be it for sales, weddings, charity balls, fundraising or banquets. Energizers thrive on activity, deadlines, logistics, organising teams, and multi-tasking. 

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Code of Conduct

  • Looks outside the organisation for innovative ideas that can be applied internally
  • Seeks out challenging opportunities to test their skills and abilities
  • Manages their time effectively so that they get done all things for which they are responsible
  • Celebrates with a sense of satisfaction when a project is completed or a key milestone is reached
  • Meets daily challenges with enthusiasm and energy
  • Uses questions to clarify team member points of view, team objectives and procedures
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Click the image to download the profile

Click the image to download the profile

As team members, Energizers make the best contribution when: 

  • A team needs to be rejuvenated and re-energised
  • A ‘roll up the sleeves and get started’ approach is required
  • Vast amounts of activity are required, and outputs are needed
  • Things need to be brought to a head
  • There is clarity, unity, purpose and direction, and the Energizer is given the OK to make things happen 

ENERGIZERS best manage themselves by: 

  • Learning to be more sensitive with reprimands, requests and feedback
  • Disciplining themselves to confirm the bigger picture before they get started on the operation at hand
  • Disciplining themselves to see the value in people with whom they disagree
  • Disciplining themselves to slow down for people who need more time to think things through

If not present in the team

  • There is no energy or enthusiasm – everyone is exhausted


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