The Innovator is able to solve problems that are complex, undefined or constantly changing. They are excellent at managing groups of people in high stress, dangerous or crisis situations.  The Innovator is practical and creative and can solve things ‘on the hop’. The Innovator is the natural leader when the right emergency action is needed without preparation.

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The Innovator balances structure with spontaneity and has an excellent ability to intellectually process data or ideas. They work efficiently and always to a plan, although it may not always be written down. The Innovator can be relied upon to get things done. Once a plan is in place they become highly enthusiastic, productive and very conscientious. The Innovator can adapt what they have seen elsewhere and apply this vision to their situation. Their strength is in creating the right process. 

They are extremely cooperative, willing to contribute and very supportive of others, especially to those that are as efficient as the Innovator. They like to take responsibility for a team, to organise activities and to solve problems. 
Innovators cope well with change. They love new ideas and are happy to adopt them as long as there’s a problem to solve. They are often more flexible in thought than in deed. 

They resolve conflict by finding a solution or workable plan if someone becomes angry the Innovator will use logic to justify their position. They will not usually become angry in response, except in extreme cases, where they can purge built-up anger on someone who is unlikely to fight back. 

Innovators are mostly tolerant of others as long as they are efficient, friendly and want to achieve. They are generally highly determined individuals who expect the same level of determination and creativity from those around them. 

They are not motivated simply by the desire to be successful and can be considered self-paced rather than competitive. They are more interested in experimenting than point scoring. Their confidence soars when they are showing their ability to solve problems laterally. 

As leaders, they enjoy new ideas and new initiatives. They are organised, structured and keen to keep people working efficiently while making time to listen. Often their judgement may be clouded by their desire to keep things systematic. 

They are quick-witted, enthusiastic communicators and are renowned for their clever use of puns. They will generally sense how their listeners respond to them and seek their feedback. Innovators love spontaneity both at work and at home. They enjoy surprises and ‘spur of the moment’ decisions. 

Innovators are very loyal to people until they are crossed. They are extremely sensitive but are selective as to when they show it. They are generally optimistic; they may, however, become depressed or bored if there is not enough urgency. They like it when there are problems to solve. 

They have a good memory for solutions and how to deal with people, but don’t easily retain facts. They are unlikely to exaggerate and will deceive only if they feel they have been deceived. A Innovator has an excellent ability to negotiate. 

An Innovator is a formidable problem-solver, organiser and performer during times of crisis, and can mobilise entire teams with unquestioned authority. 

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Code of Conduct

  • Stands up for what they believe is right
  • Stands by their actions without fear of reprisals or consequences
  • Acts justly and fairly in all dealings with colleagues
  • Solves problems as they arise without fuss and drama
  • Encourages the team to innovate or adapt if necessary to ensure a quality result
  • Encourages other team members to be courageous in thought and deed
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Click the image to download the profile

Click the image to download the profile

As team members, Innovators make the best contribution when: 

  • They are trouble-shooting and problem- solving
  • They have complex issues/problems to solve
  • They are in a deadline-driven environment where the situation needs a cool and calm head

INNOVATORS best manage themselves by: 

  • Taking time to plan ahead and set agendas and priorities, rather than always taking things as they come
  • Accepting that people are as important as functions and that most people need to understand why initiatives are being taken
  • Disciplining themselves to be on time for meetings and deadlines
  • Being organised 

If not present in the team

  • Everything becomes bogged down at key bottlenecks, there is no courage, no heroes and no decisions


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