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Learn how to harness your NeuroPower by discovering the link between neuroscience, consciousness, quantum theory, philosophy and personality. The NeuroPower framework, created by Peter Burow, takes insights from neuroscientific psychological and philosophical perspectives and intertwines them in a way that is both insightful and practical.

In this ground-breaking book, Peter Burow explains complex issues of the mind in a structured way that successfully integrates historically siloed and often seemingly contradictory schools of thought. NeuroPower gives readers a deeper understanding of both themselves and others, and fresh insights into some of the great human mysteries of life.



Every day, people around the world - consumers, employees and leaders - make profoundly irrational decisions, often to the detriment of themselves and others. Why? For the past three decades, behavioural economists have worked to answer this question. The result is an elegant framework that finally explains the logic behind the apparent madness and, more importantly, provides practical tools to help better manage our own and other’s decision-making.

From performance management, ethical marketing and risk through to market testing, the insights in this book will increase your awareness of how cognitive bias drives decision-making, and show you how you, as a leader, can respond and drive improved results in your organisation.

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Core Beliefs are deep-seated perceptions that everyone has about the world in which we live, work and play. Core Beliefs impact how we think, feel and behave as well as how we interact with other people and our general view of the world.

They can influence everything we do from the type of car we buy and the sort of house we live in through to the life partner we choose. They also impact our work life, influencing every decision we make in whatever role we may fulfil.

This book explains their formation and how to use them to communicate your message. Falling foul of these unconscious perceptual filters will result in your communication strategy being ineffective. The rules through which Core Beliefs are formed and how to use them are contained in this book.



This Handbook is designed to provide managers of all backgrounds and experience an easy-to-follow process for effectively managing change, irrespective of the specific area in which you work or the size of your team.

Based on years of academic and practical research, this Handbook seeks to explain how your projects can be introduced in a way that ensures maximum employee engagement as well as the delivery of tangible, measurable results within an acceptable timeframe.



Why is it that some individuals succeed and others fail? What is your personality’s unique formula for success? How do you leverge your natural Leadership Style? These are just some of the questions answered in this practical and easy to understand book by researcher, coach and consultant, Peter Burow.

This ground breaking work introduces readers to:

  • The mind’s six building blocks that make up your Leadership Style

  • The eight Leadership Styles and the gift of each Leadership Style

  • Your hidden Mirror and how it impacts your Leadership Style

Based on years of academic and practical research, this Handbook seeks to explain how your projects can be introduced in a way that ensures maximum employee engagement as well as the delivery of tangible, measurable results within an acceptable timeframe.



Your success as a leader is directly linked to your ability to create a working environment that enables each team member to use each of their six Intelligences to achieve the team’s objectives. Without exception, all six are present in High Performance Teams.
This book will do two things. Firstly, it will help you identify which of the Intelligences are functioning well in your team. Secondly, it will show you where, as a leader, you can most wisely invest your time, energy and resources to increase team functioning and performance by developing the others. For each of the Intelligences, there is a Career Toolbox at the end that focuses on how to apply NeuroPower for career development.

This includes:

  • Tools to develop the function so that it becomes a driver of team performance; and

  • A list of Questions for High Performance Teams which can be used as workshop exercises or discussion starters with your team.

Using these tools will support the healthy functioning of the Intelligences in your team and will build the six characteristics of High Performance Teams: team trust through personal loyalty, team agility through personal spontaneity, shared drive through personal vitality, team connection through personal empathy, team knowledge through a personal love of learning and forward-thinking and openness to new ideas through individual wonder.