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Strategic Momentum Group (SMG) specialises in building leadership and frontline abilities that enable organisations to manage current and future challenges. This is achieved by helping businesses apply insights about people’s core needs and drivers and best practice business thinking to drive individual, team and organisational performance.

Established in 2008, SMG has built its approach on the practical experience and insights gained by years of working with teams and organisations. SMG specialises in change management, employee engagement and leadership development and is regarded as a ‘trusted advisor’ business by senior executive teams within Australia and internationally.

The SMG team is comprised of a team of highly experienced, seasoned professionals with local market knowledge and extensive training and experience in leadership, behavioural strategy and specific areas of specialty. As a team, they hold a broad and diverse range of industry and subject-matter expertise from which to draw in helping clients meet the challenges of demanding and dynamic operating environments. SMG takes pride in being a Brisbane-based business with a national and international consulting presence.

At decisioning, we specialise in shaping mindsets, decisions and behaviours. Using a mixture of social cognitive neuroscience, behavioural economics and psychology, our team of experts help leading organisations understand ‘what makes people tick’ and how to navigate complexity, drive high performance and achieve extraordinary results.

We believe that solving the world’s most pressing and important challenges depends on brilliant, passionate people working together in ways that leverage collective expertise and experience, avoid predictable pitfalls, and help realise the potential of our most valuable and complex asset – the human brain.

With a wealth of insight now available about how to cultivate the best of human potential, leading organisations are realising that this will only happen ‘by design’ (not default). There’s never been a better – or more important – time for organisations to build the ‘people capability’ of their people.

At the Human Learning Collective, we are insanely interested in applied human performance and obsessed with creating sticky learning. We turn complex science and psychology into practical tools that you can immediately apply. 

Our work is founded on creating meaning from theory and insights and turning that into engagement, action learning and embedded application. Our target is to transform potential into performance.

There has never been a better time to be human and make a positive difference to humanity. We believe that when people perform more consciously and social outcomes are implicitly linked, we curate a better humanity.

We need insights into humanness to curate it. A road map to help us adapt to the complex world we live in; tools to deal with the demands and disruptions; and solutions to become social impact innovators. 

At the Human Learning Collective people learn, grow and share to amplify their humanness and generate a positive social impact in their world.

The building blocks of the future

Smart Blox is an evolving ecosystem of smart products.

The first of many Smart Blox innovations, SOLAR BLOX revolutionises access to renewable energy by integrating proven technology with simple, deployable, scalable solutions designed to fulfill customised energy needs. 

We’re on a mission to solve access to renewable energy. Solar Blox is designed to store and deliver power harnessed from the sun in a flexible and portable package. Simple, deployable, scalable power.

We create games that engage, challenge and inspire everyone who plays them.

We believe in the unique and quirky nature of brilliance, and we work together to create brilliance.

Our mission is to produce engaging games that challenge people on how they make decisions, and connect people with the best part of themselves.


Awakening Human Potential

In the Future Academy X we work together with leading neuroscientists, entrepreneurs and tech experts. Together, we have created a system that pushes the "four new superpowers" to unleash potential in the 21st century: digital fitness, agency, self-development, and social intelligence. To master the challenges of the 21st century, we must become entrepreneurs of our own lives. We need the ability to be mindful of ourselves, to distinguish the important from the unimportant, and to deal resiliently with difficult problems. is a learning and development platform company dedicated to changing the way we work. We strongly believe in the importance of real time learning, in face-to- face conversation and that technology should be an enabler of doing work that matters.

Our goal is to make learning collaborative, measurable, habit forming and of course, fun!. Learning should encompass personal relevance and simultaneously make positive changes to us, our teams, and our organizations.

Through the facilitation of REAL conversations in the workplace, with the guidance of our top-tier consultant partners, we help business leaders enhance their own leadership credibility and abilities, while simultaneously strengthening relationships with their employees. That’s the Actionable process for improved engagement, productivity and leader impact!

KRE Consulting, LLC is a management consulting organisation that specialises in project / program management, process quality assurance and business architecture / analysis.  Our primary focus is the Utilities / Energy industry.

We strive to help clients drive positive, meaningful change to achieve specific project success or large-scale business transformation. We focus on change that improves your business, accelerates progress toward your goals, and creates sustainable momentum.

Our approach consists of identifying and developing the knowledge, ideas, and vision trapped within each client’s organisation and using our insights, experience, and inspiration to help clients drive strategic transformation and business success.

We are in Pasadena, CA which places us at the heart of major industries, academia and source for talent.