The Planner can see what is ahead of the team both internally and externally and can create systems and processes that draw on relevant data and achieve the agreed vision. These systems are then documented in a user-friendly way. The Planner has an excellent sense of cause and effect and the ability to sequence activities appropriately.

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A Planner is analytical, logical and has creative vision. However, their talent for creative vision is usually suppressed by a strong sense of logic. They tend to have two definite minds one very practical, and one focused on the creative world. Their greatest challenge is understanding these two opposite sides of their thinking. They balance a desire to be illogical and zany with being logical and conservative. 

They are highly disciplined individuals, with a willingness to be consistent. If they are consistently required to suppress their creativity over a long period of time, they may become depressed or bored for no apparent reason. 

Planners tend to exaggerate only when storytelling or sharing their vision. A Planner will be most motivated when they have a clear plan to write or follow. They have an excellent ability to process and can see a project from beginning to end. At work, their energy and enthusiasm will increase when they have a clear understanding of the overall organization’s direction. 

They will seek to understand their responsibilities within an organization and knowing these, will take them very seriously. If the parameters are vague, they will take these responsibilities less seriously. 

They are more confident when they know a system and how it works, and their loyalty to structure and accepted procedures is foremost. 

They are keen to achieve but never at the expense of others. They will achieve legitimate power through providing logical and factual solutions and strong leadership. 

A Planner does not play games, preferring everyone to work together to achieve the vision. A Planner is highly disciplined and expects the same level of discipline from others. They are tolerant of others but become frustrated by an unstructured and undisciplined approach.

When confronted with aggression, they will tend to look at statements issued rather than at the individuals involved, but will match the intensity of the aggression. A Planner will sometimes cope with stress by escaping into their own world. They enjoy escaping from reality and a voyage into their world of creativity relieves tension. 

They do not cope well with changes in course, unless they are driving the change themselves. It is important that at all times they are able to visualise the end result. 

As leaders, Planners are very structured and logical. They will seek to share an organization’s vision with staff and ensure they can achieve it. They will delegate only when job responsibilities are clear and understood. A Planner is determined and will work methodically to achieve a specific goal, often becoming impatient with others who do not have a similar discipline. 

Planners have an exceptional memory for facts and are always willing to offer analytical and factual interpretations to problems. A Planner is calm, sincere and stable with periods of zaniness to contradict their normal behaviour. They will mostly appear set in their ways and conservative; however, their creativity will often generate periods of spontaneous rebelliousness and sometimes perceived offensive behaviour. 
A Planner is at their most formidable when creating long-term strategies or when implementing operational procedures. 

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Code of Conduct

  • Stands up for what they know is right
  • Displays supportive/protective behaviour for their colleagues
  • Creates a sense of security and stability within the team
  • Effectively plans work with clear milestones and systems of reporting
  • Identifies and manages the risks associated with completing individual or team objectives
  • Works at giving other team members confidence
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Click the image to download the profile

Click the image to download the profile

As team members, Planners make the best contribution when: 

  • They can manage and plan a project from concept through to implementation 
  • Difficulties can be confronted head on and dealt with rationally 
  • Resources and timeframes are defined and information is complete 
  • Consistency is required 

Planners best manage themselves by: 

  • Remembering to be flexible and open to change
  • Disciplining themselves to listen to those with poor reasoning and thinking skills 
  • Valuing all team members and the roles they play 
  • Giving positive feedback – face-to-face with staff 
  • Controlling their angry outbursts 

If not present in the team

  • There is fear and uncertainty – every man or woman for themselves


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