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Think Differently

We drive your organisational outcomes by removing the barrier between people, performance and leadership.

We love to bring the science of people into the complex world of business. We are not ordinary consultants we are immersive partners and copilots that work alongside you and your team. Through the use of a range of different human sciences, we help you achieve your organisational and personal goals.

Our tools are based in behaviour science, leadership theory, game and learning theory, behavioural economics, systems thinking, data analysis and relational analytics

Future Academy

Awakening Human Potential
In the Future Academy X we work together with leading neuroscientists, entrepreneurs and tech experts. Together, we have created a system that pushes the "four new superpowers" to unleash potential in the 21st century: digital fitness, agency, self-development, and social intelligence. To master the challenges of the 21st century, we must become entrepreneurs of our own lives. We need the ability to be mindful of ourselves, to distinguish the important from the unimportant, and to deal resiliently with difficult problems.


Think: Engage: Lead: Differently

We work with organisations to develop and foster environments that enable high performing teams to emerge.

Hexagon Group collaborates and partners with people in organisations, taking the time to understand the purpose of the organisation relevant to the work that is done. We ask the hard questions and offer a different perspective because we are looking for the best outcome, not the first solution. We believe within every organisation there is a wealth of untapped potential.

Let us work with you to initiate, innovate and integrate positive change, increasing satisfaction, engagement and success!

Our approach enables us to develop bespoke products that increase our client's competitive advantage. To do this we use cutting-edge human technology and the latest insights from neuroscience and behavioural psychology.

People HQ

People HQ is a social impact enterprise leveraging practically applied neuroscience to create remarkable social impact where it shapes humanity – families, classrooms and teams.

We work with leaders and teams committed to human performance.

We collaborate with you, your managers and your HR team to leverage leadership, build high-performance teams and engage employees to deliver results for your organisation.

With a background and qualifications in neuroscience, cognitive therapy, behavioural science, psychology and education our experienced, accredited and qualified team has a results reputation and delivers frameworks and practical tools ready to be applied.