Master Mirror

This one-day program will introduce you to both sides of your personality, your Master and your Mirror. It will also explore Patrons and cognitive complexity. The Master controls your self-identity (who you think you are), your language, your image (how you see yourself) and your wish list (your wants). 

In the West, we are all employed for the value we bring to the marketplace – that is, the skills, capabilities and attitudes of our Master. The Master is our hero, able to achieve almost any task it is given. 

Your Mirror, however, expresses itself through your behaviour. If your Mirror is getting what it needs from a situation, you stay; if not, you leave. Your Mirror, regardless of your Master’s effort to keep it in the closet, longs for expression and takes any opportunity to make itself heard


Full price: $750+GST

Early Bird: $600+GST



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