Applying the breakthroughs in Neuroscience to drive agility and Innovation

The NeuroPower Leadership Intensive is designed to equip leaders with the ability to leverage from behavioral economics and neuroscience insights through practical frameworks, tools and methodologies


Program Focus

For complex multinational organizations, government, cutting-edge economists, pioneering leaders and even federal regulators around the world, the penny has finally dropped: people are not rational, and the delivery of mission-critical tasks rarely follows an organizational chart or a neat project plan.

In the last five years, behavioral economics and neuroscience have been fundamentally changing what we know about how the brain works, how people make decisions and how leaders can most effectively create environments that foster creativity, meaning and engagement. This body of knowledge is helping leaders redefine their organizations, make powerful adjustments to their leadership style and get things done in seemingly impossible environments.


Market Leaders Applying the NeuroPower Framework include....


Session 1

Credibility, presence and engagement

Swiss psychologist C.J. Jung said “Consciousness itself is the ability to recognise the difference between reactivity (System 1) and responsiveness (System 2)”. This is sometimes referred to as the Elephant (System 1) and the Rider (System 2). Understanding your Elephant and Rider, the Elephants that are sanctioned and reinforced by your culture, and the innovative Rider or mindsets that will drive the change required, is critical for leaders to understand in a fast-paced and complex environment.

Session 1 looks at the brain’s limbic system (System 1) and how it drives people’s reactions, perceptions and behavior – including how they resist change, their triggers for conflict, what motivates them, their preferred communication styles and how they make decisions. Leaders can use this insight to drive their personal credibility and presence and effectively engage with others.


Session 2


Research by Keeley et al. (2013) has found that the more types of innovation a company uses the better it performs when benchmarked against the S&P 500 and that innovation comes in many different forms (business model, structure, product, channel etc.). A leader’s Innovation Mindset dictates the style of innovation they will prefer and the type of culture they foster to nurture this innovation.

Session 2 looks at the brain’s rational system (System 2) and introduces and explores the Strategic Innovation Mindsets framework which outlines and explains a person’s rational personality profile and then explores the value they add to an organization from a leadership and innovation perspective



Session 3:

Creating high performance cultures

Independent of the formal structure, an organisation’s performance networks underpin the delivery of all mission-critical tasks. However, these networks are rarely defined and often poorly optimised. 

Leaders who recognise and understand how to chart and improve the effectiveness of the organisation’s performance networks can significantly improve specific performance areas. 

This requires a good working knowledge not only of how networks form and operate but also of the six social cognitive needs that underpin high performance cultures. With extensive academic research that has established the correlation between the satisfaction of these needs and desired KPIs, and a working knowledge of the neuroscience that sits behind them, leaders have access to a powerful lever to drive strategic outcomes.


Participant Profile


  • Five years' experience managing a minimum of three direct reports

  • Solution-focused approach

  • Values-based leadership and self-management

  • Emotional intelligence (Goleman)

  • Strengths-based approach

Current Challenges

  • Working in complex environments requiring fast trade-off decisions

  • Tasked with high-priority deliverables involving multiple stakeholder groups with diverse needs and priorities

  • Needing to build and manage high performing teams

  • Navigating challenging or political contexts



Our clients have experienced a range of benefits after Completing the program.


  • Reliable strategies for business innovation

  • A unique process for building high performance teams

  • Creating long-lasting relationships

  • Increasing staff and client retention

  • Feeling a greater sense of clarity and purpose

  • Access to ongoing support and learning

  • Powerful communication strategies


How can it help me?


The two-day program is a leadership intensive focused on:

Creating high performance cultures based on:

  1. The neuroscience of cognitive complexity, which gives rise to a roadmap for cultural maturity.
  2. Leveraging performance networks (centered around key deliverables, which determine the degree to which organizations can deliver on mission-critical work).

Leadership credibility and engaging for change:

  1. Applying insights from neuroscience to break through cultural resistance.
  2. Maximizing innovation hotspots and resolving blockages and pain points.
  3. Modeling and bringing out desired innovation behavior.




The Sebel Sydney

Manly Beach

8/13 South Steyne,

Manly NSW 2095

Program Dates

Day 1: Thursday, 2 August 2018

Day 2: Friday, 3 August 2018

Training Times

8.30am arrival for 9.00am start through to 5.00pm finish each day

Dress Code

  • We recommend smart casual attire

  • Bring a jacket/cardigan as air conditioning in the training room may be cold at times


Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea will be catered. If you have special dietary requirements please advise us ASAP so we can cater accordingly.