SMG, part of the NeuroPower Group of Companies, worked with PwC to explore and define a new client experience pathway that supported PwC’s new ways of working program.

This included client journey mapping, actionable user personas, working together to recommend the best use of physical spaces and also support us to deliver a practical, client-focused operating model.The team bought the latest insights from neuroscience to achieve lasting behavioural outcomes to positively impact the way we work with our customers and each other.

SMG worked as an extension of the client experience team. SMG always achieve timelines and budget milestones and went above and beyond in their deliverables. They were a pleasure to work alongside.

I have always struggled with the way that completely irrational emotive arguments either beat my logical well thought out approach, or I have to spend a dis-propionate amount of time getting everyone back on track.

These guys have helped me understand how and why that happens, more importantly it has enabled me to start developing tactics that help manage that, it saves me time and gets me better results sooner.

In fact the work they do is so good, I put my team through it. But be careful, it doesn’t feel like any sort of conventional approach that I was used to, yet as a team we walked out with a plan, activities and the best buy in I have ever seen. The team has raised their level of engagement and conversation, and we are even stronger as a group.

Following long periods of heavy project load and some challenging personnel changes, our IT teams were showing signs of project fatigue and frustration.

As the CIO, I believed it necessary to equip the teams with tools and techniques to reflect on and assess the impact on themselves as well as the effects on the overall health of their team. The intention was to acquire frameworks to build resilience within the teams to ride through the ongoing, elevated pace of change within our organisation and the IT industry.

To this end we engaged with the NeuroPower Group who very quickly understood not only the difficulties being faced within the IT teams, but also the broader context of these teams within the organisation.

Their consultative and collaborative method of engaging worked to quickly and clearly define the problem and assess our needs. NeuroPower then recommended solutions that focussed on delivering sustainable practices to support the teams and individuals.

Importantly, NeuroPower recognise that people with strong technical aptitude and mindsets require an approach that engages with their more logical and objective communication preferences. By focusing on the neuroscience behind the development of their recommended frameworks, NeuroPower were very successful in connecting with the teams, gaining strong buy-in and delivering the intended outcomes.

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As Founding Partner of NeuroPower Group, Peter is a trusted leaders’ advisor.

Drawing on his expertise in human behaviour, group dynamics and strategic thinking, at PwC we have been able to drive higher levels of performance in complex and challenging environments. More than 400 of our people have benefited from his facilitation, coaching and training and he has worked closely with teams across the business.

Peter’s understanding of motivation, teaming, leadership and organisational development, combined with his natural skills as a facilitator and coach, make him a powerful advisor to leaders.

NeuroPower Group Founding Partner, Peter Burow, is a deeply knowledgeable consultant and an incisive thinker.

His diagnostic skills are world class. Getting the right results in the right way is standard practice for him.

I’ve seen first hand the positive impact this framework has on senior leadership teams.

NeuroPower Group combines best practice management theory with neuroscience to create a methodology that takes teamwork to a whole new level.